Our flagship product, Padma is a hand-held device that provides convenient assays based on colorimetric changes of test strips or filters, with Bluetooth connectivity. It is a smart, low-cost, portable device that reads, analyzes and processes water quality data for common inorganic and organic contaminants, and produces results on the user's smartphone in less than 1 minute.

Poor sanitation and contaminated water are related to the transmission of diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, dysentery, and hepatitis. Inappropriate or inadequately managed water and sanitation services expose the population to preventable health risks. This is particularly in places with an additional risk of infection and disease where sanitation, water, and hygiene services are unsatisfactory. 

Inefficient management of agricultural, urban, and industrial wastewater implies that the drinking water of millions of people is chemically polluted or dangerously contaminated.

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