Individual Analyst
Individual Analyst

To ensure safe drinking water, we analyze and investigate water quality before its consumption to assure the well-being of every individual.

Teams & Organizations
Teams & Organizations

We are backed by a team of professional water analysts who are equally dedicated to testing and analyzing the water quality with a smartphone based application.

Individual Analyst
Embedded Analytics

With smartphone-based connection and Bluetooth connectivity, we perform water quality tests at different geographical locations to collect accurate data and embed analytics.

About Earthface

Contaminated water, poor sanitation, and unsafe hygiene is an alarming problem. Consuming clean water has become more important now than ever as it is important to prevent the spread of issues like COVID-19. Earthface has taken the initiative to provide water that is clean and hygienic.

Researchers from MIT and University of Waterloo have helped Earthface grow as a water source management solution company. It is run by faculty members from IIT Kanpur and incubated at the SIDBI Centre for Innovation and Incubation.

Our Team

Dr. Indra Sen


Dr. Indra Sen is an Associate Professor of IIT Kanpur and is a renowned water quality expert. He is a President Awardee and is regularly in the news for his scientific research and relevant and meaningful contributions in the field of water quality testing.
Soumya Sen


Soumya Sen brings a rich, diverse experience in the IT and Digital Security consulting industry. An engineer and MBA by background, he is passionate about delivering socially impactful products and services in India.
Amitava Ghosh


Amitava Ghosh is a B.Tech in Electronics & Telecommunication engineering in 2006 from Jadavpur University, and brings 15 years of global IT and Tech experience by working extensively in US, Asia and Europe.

Scientific Partners

Harsha Karumanchi
Harsha Karumanchi

Kritsnam Technologies

Chintan Vaishnav
Chintan Vaishnav

Mission Head, Atal Innovation Mission, Niti Aayog

Emily Hanhauser
Emily Hanhauser


Rohit Karnik, MIT, USA
Rohit Karnik


Sushanta Mitra, University of Waterloo, Canada
Sushanta Mitra

University of Waterloo, Canada

Drinking water
Save Water Save Earth

Our Vision

The main vision with which Earthface started to keep people safe from water that has harmful microorganisms in it and can be harmful to the human body. Earthface plans to achieve it with actionable data and solutions.

Our Mission

Earthface works with the mission to provide solutions for the analysis and purification of water, and this is budget-friendly and easily accessible. We are gradually focusing on starting this mission from the individual level and then to the community level.

Our Mission

Earthface seeks to work with public agencies, non-governmental organizations, and communities to ensure everyone has access to safe drinking water.

Our Mission

Earthface has developed a cost-effective, accessible solution to analyze water for contaminants, and they can remove these contaminants to make the water safe for consumption.

Our Mission

We strive to bring all the communities, government, NGO's and people together and provide them with clear and good quality water.


Media and News

Earthface, as a new start-up, always experiments and tries to implement new ideas. The Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP) has officially recognised Earthface as a 'start-up' under the 'Make in India' initiative.

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Earthface is dedicated to the betterment of society and nature, and we always look for a team with the same mindset. So, if you want to bring a change to this world to make it a better place to live, join hands with us!

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