ClearBottle is a proprietary technology that uses innovative and low-cost methods to filter out heavy metal contaminants in drinking water. Depending on the contenctration of contaminants, ClearBottle is reusable.

When water is available from more accessible and improved sources, people spend less time and effort physically collecting it. This implies that people can be productive in other ways, and this also brings greater personal safety by lessening the need to make long journeys to collect water. Clear bottles also build trust about the safety of the water. People are less likely to fall ill. It also causes fewer expenses on health, reducing medical costs. In this way, they also remain economically productive.

The unique value of ClearBottle is the ability to retrospectively test the contaminants of the water after it has been purified. The ion-exchange resin in the bottle retains the metal contaminants and can be extracted and analyzed to understand the nature and extent of contamination.

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